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Yale/Chase is an Authorized dealer of genuine quality Yale forklift parts and parts for other make as well.  All of our parts are designed to keep your trucks running efficiently and cost-effectively.  PREMIER™ Parts & Accessories contains over 1.6 MILLION replacement parts and accessories and covers over 40 brands of materials handling equipment for 3800+ models. As an exclusive PREMIER™ distributor,  Yale/Chase provides cost-effective solutions not only for Yale lift trucks, but for all your Aftermarket needs.

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Below is a list of the Yale Forklift Parts Yale/Chase currently sells

Yale Engine Parts
Alternators, belts, carburetors, cylinder head kits, exhaust clamps & pipes, flywheel assemblies, mufflers, oil lines, PCV valves, radiators, replacement engines, ring gears, starter drives, starters, starter relays, and solenoids.

Yale Filters
Air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, oil filters, transmission filters, breathers and accessories.

Yale Bearings, Bushings & Chain
Bearings, bushings, rollers, cups, cones, lift chain, mast chain, mastrollers, pins, sheaves, side rollers, wear pads.

Yale Tires, wheels & casters
Tires, wheels & casters for all makes & models of Yales, press-on tires, polywheels, pneumatic tires, wheel assemblies, nuts, studs and bolts.

Yale Brakes
Brake shoes, master cylinders cables, brake lines, wheel cylinders & kits and brake cleaners & fluid.


Yale Hydraulic Parts
Hose reels & kits, seal kits, hydraulic fluid, fuses, pumps, lift cylinder seal kits, master cylinders, tilt cylinders, tilt cylinder seal kits, universal O-ring/seal kits, valve seal kits.

Yale Ignition Parts
Ignition coils & wires, condensers, distributor caps, distributors, glow plugs, ignition kits, ignition switches & wire sets, point & con dens or kits, rotors, spark plugs, tune up kits and voltage regulators.

Yale Steering Parts
King pins, links, knuckles, ball crank pins, cables, power steering cylinders, pumps, motors & torque generators, seal kits, steer arms, bushings, gears, spindles, steer hubs, steering wheel, tie rods and wheel studs.

Yale Electrical Parts
Cards & card repair, contactors, control units, diodes & rectifiers, ground straps, replacement motors, motor speed controllers, resistors, relays, sensors, solenoids, switches and wiring.

Yale Hoses and Coupling
Stock & custom hose available, couplings, fittings, tubing, adaptors and seals.

Yale Safety Parts
Beacons & strobes, back up alarms, fire extinguishers, horns, tail lights, LED light kits, LED work lamps, mirrors, load back rests, rainguards, cab enclosures, Yalealytic converters and seats.

Yale Forks
Fork pin kits, forklift forks, forklift fork extensions, Class II forks, Class III forks, Class IV forks, shaft forks, pin-style forks, pallet forks, full tapered & polished forks, lumber forks, standard tapered forks, replacement forks.

Yale Attachments
Work platforms, specialized clamps, customized grapples, roll clamps, pulp clamps, barrel clamps, fork positioners, rotators, buckets, truss booms, winches, welders, pipe racks, bin dumpers, and fork mounted sweepers.

Yale Drivetrain Parts
Axle parts, steer axles, differentials, drive hubs & cups, gear parts, joints, planetaries, and transmissions.


Lift Service – Not Lip Service

Yale Chase Forklift ServiceYou can’t afford to lose productivity – and we can’t afford to let you. Your local Yale® dealer provides many Service Programs with the goals of reducing labor costs, increasing uptime, and saving time for personnel – all which affect your company’s bottom line.


Lubrication – A Basic “Health Insurance” Program
Failure to perform proper lubrication at regular intervals is one of the largest single causes of truck downtime. This program provides regularly scheduled lubrication and monitoring of fluid levels.


Operational Maintenance – Clean, Lube, Check and Adjust All Vital Systems
Keep your fleet running efficiently with scheduled comprehensive maintenance of all major truck systems and components. Your Yale®dealer will work with you to set up a schedule that’s convenient for you and meets the individual duty-cycle requirements of your trucks.


Full Service Maintenance
This plan can provide the lowest overall fleet maintenance cost and the highest degree of truck utilization. Under this plan your Yale®dealer assumes responsibility for virtually all maintenance and repairs (excluding those arising from accidents and misuse). There’s no maintenance scheduling to worry about. No parts inventory. No service training programs. No purchase order to cut.

 If you need Yale forklift parts or service, fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you withing 24 hours or give us a call (562)463-8000!