Class IV | Cushion Tire Internal Combustion Engine

Indoor Warehouse Forklift 

Yale Class IV Cushion Internal Combustion Forklift

Are you looking for a warehouse forklift? The Yale Internal Combustion Engine Cushion Tire Forklift Trucks are designed and manufactured for specific industries and applications. Yale in-line 4 cylinder, Mazda (2.0L, 2.2L) and GM (2.4L, 4.3L) and Kubota engines are powerful, durable and efficient engines that are application proven for performance and reliability. Yale Hi-Vis™ masts incorporate innovative engineering for unsurpassed visibility and solid construction. All components are engineered for outstanding performance and extended, low-maintenance life. The Veracitor VX Series has been a successful indoor warehouse forklift solution for Yale.  Veracity means adherence to the truth. True to the Yale customers and true to productivity of your operations. Each of the Veracitor VX trucks is designed with component commonality for simplified fleet maintenance and customization productivity packages for specific customer needs.


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What features are used to classify a Class 4 Lift Truck?

Cushion tires are made for an indoor warehouse forklift

Cushion tires are made from solid rubber and are usually optimal for indoor usage. A Class 4 warehouse forklift uses press-on tires that are made with a metal band insides and rubber on the outside, if you decide to use your forklift with cushion tires on grass, rocks, and dirt you risk getting stuck and further damaging the truck. For cushion forklifts, the tire is the only shock absorber on the truck. How often should you replace your cushion tire? Many cushion forklift tires will have a safety bar on its sidewall that will show when your tire is worn down and needs replacing.  Keep in mind when purchasing a truck that uses cushion forklift tires the tires are not interchangeable with other pneumatic tires. A Cushion Tire Forklift is a great option for warehouses and factories. (Link to the Full Article)


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