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Rough Terrain Forklift

Yale Class V Pneumatic Internal Combustion Truck

Need a Rough terrain forklift? The Yale Pneumatic Tire Internal Combustion Engine Lift Trucks are designed and manufactured for some of the most demanding industries and applications. The Yale GP series use rugged 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder Mazda, Yanmar, GM & Cummins engines in gasoline, LPG and Diesel. These engines are application proven for performance and reliability. Yale Techtronix electronically controlled transmissions offer superior performance & durability. Yale Hi-Vis™ masts incorporate innovative engineering for excellent visibility and solid construction. All components are engineered for outstanding performance and extended, low-maintenance life.  The Class V rough terrain forklift comes in three models with different maximum capacities: GP-VX, GP DC-EC, and the GP-LX.



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Brochure |  Specifications



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JCB Rough Terrain Forklift

JCB Rough Terrain Forklifts

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What features are used to classify a Class V pneumatic I.C.E. truck?

Pneumatic air filled and Pneumatic-Style solid tires should be put on a rough terrain forklift

The Pneumatic tire is similar to the tires on heavy-duty trucks made with durable rubber for outdoor and uneven terrain.  These tires are typically found on diesel or liquid propane gasoline forklifts.  Pneumatic forklift tires come in two types: inflated with compressed air and solid pneumatic tires.  The benefits of having a traditional air filled pneumatic tire are it will extend the life of your forklift because of the extra cushion they provide.  For solid pneumatic forklift tires they are ideal for use in lumber yards or recycling centers where there may be nails and glass on the surface, but they have a less comfortable ride for the operator and more wear and tear on the machine. When looking at different Pneumatic forklift options consider the weight, tread depth, and a tire with good sidewall protection.  Usually Radial tires cost more but will last longer and provide extra puncture resistance. The Pneumatic tire is the most popular tire. (Link to the Full Article)

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