Rightline Attachments

Rightline Attachments for Forklifts

Rightline Equipment, Inc. designs and manufactures premium quality lift truck attachments to increase material handling productivity.  Thousands of material handling professionals rely on Rightline Equipment as their preferred supplier of innovative, rugged and reliable lift truck attachments. Providing superior performance at competitive prices for more than thirty years, Rightline continues to build on its fundamental principals of engineering excellence, precision production and genuine customer service.

rightline equipment line

 Below is a list of Rightline Attachments that Yale/Chase is a dealer for:


  • Adapter carriages
  • Bale clamps
  • Bar arm clamps
  • Block handlers
  • Broke clamps
  • Carriage bars
  • Carton clamps
  • Clamps
  • Custom attachments



  • Double block handlers
  • Double side shifter
  • Drum clamps
  • Fork bar rotators
  • Fork clamps
  • Fork Positioners
  • Forward bin dumpers
  • Gaylord clamps
  • Hold downs/Broke clamps



  • Hook-to-shaft fork positioners
  • Hook-to-shaft side shifters
  • Integral fork positioners
  • Integral side shifters
  • Load stabilizers
  • Multiple load
  • Paper roll clamps
  • Rotators
  • Slip-on Arms
  • Side shifters

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