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Purchasing Used Forklift Trucks

  • September 24, 2013

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing Used Forklift Trucks?

3 Things you should you know!

Are you in the market for used forklift trucks? We asked material handling professionals with over 20 years of material handling experience, to sound off on the things that they feel are the most important to look for before purchasing used equipment. There may be multiple reasons for purchasing used forklifts: cost savings, long lead-times for new equipment, or just a purchase for one project. This Article will give you a few points to remember before contacting a seller or distributor about purchasing used equipment.

New vs. Used Forklift Trucks

The first question to ask yourself is “Will the savings be worth the risk of used equipment breaking down?” Aside from cost savings, consider the amount of daily usage you will be operating.  One professional gave us this rule of thumb “if a piece of equipment is to be used one to four hours per day, a used unit would be a good idea.  Anything over four hours we recommend a new truck.”  This can save you hundreds on repair costs and stoppages in operation that could have been avoided with a new forklift.

Seller’s Reputation

Especially when purchasing used equipment, knowing the reputation of who you are purchasing from is significant.  Also, check with the seller to see if and what kind of warranty they offer. To ensure the quality of your purchase, find out if the seller is reputable and stable enough to be in business to support a warranty.  Is the seller knowledgeable? What is the availability of service and parts? Do we trust the seller? Often times, purchases made online or from questionablecompanies result in broken down equipment with no other option than to purchase another unit or spend thousands on repairs.

Equipment Availability

There may be an immediate need for equipment which can pose problems for finding the exact specs for your application.  Consider that if you are looking for used forklift trucks, it may take months of searching to come across the right manufacture and model that you are looking for. A situation like that may make ordering a new forklift a very appropriate option.

Used Forklift Trucks

At the end of your analysis, there is a balance of getting what is available now in the secondary market, with generally shorter delivery times and less initial investment dollars; versus getting the exact forklift required, brand new from the factory with a generous warranty, but with a longer delivery time and a higher initial investment.  As your business weighs the pros and cons of either option, consulting with a reputable Materials Handling expert will help ensure the best possible outcome, whether the decision is ultimately made to go New or Used.

If you’re looking for New or Used Forklift Trucks, give Yale/Chase a call 562-463-8000!

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