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  • May 10, 2016



Click for more details Pedestrian Safety Light


The Yale solution projects an intense and highly visible pattern on the floor, which creates a conspicuous visual warning to pedestrians. This may be useful in noisy environments where audible warnings may be missed, and at blind intersections where direct visibility of equipment may be obscured.

The spotlight is attached to the back of the forklift and projects a blue light on to the floor to act as a warning to other workers in the area. As well as providing visual notice to pedestrians in the warehouse, the lights can warn operators of other mobile equipment, preventing damage to goods and equipment.

Click here to see the Safety Blue Light in Action


High Visibility Red No-Cinch Seat Belts Save Lives.

The Reality

Tipping forklift vehicle accidents accounts for approximately 42 percent of forklift fatalities. Many injuries have ensued from NOT using the seatbelt. According to OSHA, operators of powered
industrial trucks are obligated to use seatbelts. OSHA also has the ability to fine a company, which can cost up to $7,000 for ‘minor’ infractions and up to $70,000 for repeat offenders.

High Red Visibility Seat Belts provide a noticeable view from a distance to make sure drivers are adhering by the rules of wearing safety belts. With the Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) – Adds to operator comfort and allows the belt to move freely with operators own movement for optimum comfort, especially for operators frequently driving in reverse.

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