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Yale/Chase Equipment and Services, Inc – “THE Southern California Yale Forklift dealer”

Yale/Chase is a certified dealer of Yale Forklifts serving all Southern California Counties, Nevada, and Arizona: Yale Forklift Sales, Rentals, Service, Management, and Parts. Yale/Chase is a nationally recognized dealer of excellence.  We’re in the business of finding solutions for your business, we carry an assortment of material handling products that can increase the productivity of your operation.


Why Choose a Yale Forklift from Yale/Chase?

[one_third][icon color=”#ffffff” circle=”#535353″ icon=”crosshair”]Perfect fit[/icon]

New or Used forklifts, we’ll help you find the right fit for your budget and match that with your business needs.[/one_third]

[one_third][icon color=”#ffffff” circle=”#535353″ icon=”thumbsup”]Best in the Industry[/icon]

One of the original manufactures, Yale Forklift is one of the top brands in the material handling industry with over 80 years of experience.[/one_third]

[one_third_last][icon color=”#ffffff” circle=”#535353″ icon=”clock”]Around the clock service[/icon]

Yale/Chase has a full team of professional technicians that work 24 hours a day to ensure your trucks are performing efficiently. [/one_third_last]

[one_third][icon color=”#ffffff” circle=”#535353″ icon=”gear”]Tons of Yale Forklift Parts[/icon]

Parts for all equipment makes and models. Over 250,000 replacement parts for 40 different brands of material handling equipment.[/one_third]

[one_third][icon color=”#ffffff” circle=”#119a17″ icon=”envato”]Going Green[/icon]

Yale is one of the largest volume producers of zero emissions electric lift trucks in the North American Market. The Yale forklift is among the lowest in exhaust emissions in the industry.  Read more about Yale’s commitment to Going Green![/one_third]

[one_third_last][icon color=”#ffffff” circle=”#535353″ icon=”home”]Full Warehousing Solutions[/icon]

We don’t only supply your business with the highest quality Yale forklifts in the industry, but we ensure your warehouse is functioning as efficiently as possible. Our warehouse design system experts can optimize and consolidate your warehousing needs.[/one_third_last]


From humble beginnings Yale/Chase Equipment and Services, Inc. has become a leading provider of a full line of high-quality products, equipment and services including: electric, gas, LP-gas and diesel powered lift trucks, narrow aisle, very narrow aisle and motorized hand trucks. We offer a comprehensive full Fleet Management service, as well as services on all Yale Forklift products, parts financing and training.

Testimonial from one of our Yale Forklift customers:

“Good morning Yale/Chase.

In light of the recent news regarding the deaths from West Nile disease carried by mosquitoes, I wanted to share some news where the electric Yale forklift is helping. Our factory in the Missouri is a few hours outside of Saint Louis. In the middle of nowhere, this factory is surrounded by rice fields. Growing rice requires flooding the fields with water and the standing water is a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes.

This year we began our project to convert this plant from Liquid Propane Gas forklifts (LPG) to Electric lifts. We recently put the first 8 ERC065VG lifts
I visited this plant this week and the entire factory was overjoyed with the reduction in the mosquito population directly related to the new electric lifts. Mosquitoes are not attracted to electric powered lifts. The operators no longer need the nets, and love the new quiet, comfortable Yale lifts. (Electric forklift) into service, about 1/3 of the fleet. Perhaps not widely known is Liquid Propane Gas(LPG) lift’s O2 attract mosquitoes. In this factory it was common to see huge swarms of mosquitoes chasing and surrounding the lifts and operators. Our company even issues mosquito head nets to the operators.

I find deep gratification in knowing our electrics lifts are not only helping save the planet but also helping with comfort for the operators.”


New and Used Yale Forklifts

Along with full comprehensive maintenance and forklift repair, Yale/Chase offers New and Used Yale forklifts.  Whether you need one or one hundred Yale forklifts, Yale/Chase will give you the solutions to make your business more efficient and more profitable.   Our trained professionals have combined over 30 years of materials handling logistics experience.  We aspire to educate and provide our customers with the optimal Yale forklift.

Save some money by purchasing a used Yale Forklift from our inventory. Below is a link to our current used inventory up for sale!


YALE/CHASE Equipment and Services Specializes In the Following Industries:

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Construction Equipment   Industrial Generators   Utility Vehicles


 Terminal Tractors   RailCar Movers            Energy Efficient Solutions

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