Class II | Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle

Yale Narrow Aisle & Very Narrow Aisle Forklift

The Yale Narrow Aisle Forklift has the ergonomic comfort and the specifications you need. Yale® designs and builds narrow aisle forklifts that are industry and application specific. Yale® drive motors are application proven for efficiency, performance, and reliability. Yale Hi-Vis™ masts incorporate innovative engineering for unsurpassed visibility and solid construction.

The very narrow aisle forklift is designed specifically for maximum storage density. Yale’s very narrow aisle trucks are ideal for pallet handling and case picking in applications ranging from 16 to 55 ft. Yale spotlights the NTA for high density warehousing that requires maximum throughput.


Brochure  |  Specifications 


Brochure|  Specifications  

NR035-040DB, NDR030DB


Brochure  | Specifications



Brochure  |   Specifications


    Brochure    |   Specifications 


Brochure   |   Specifications


Brochure   |   Specifications 

NTA030SB and NTA035SB

Brochure  | Specifications


Why is there a need for Narrow Aisle Truck ?

When matching your business needs to a forklift, one of the considerations to think about is how wide your aisles are.  Yale Chase is a full service provider in warehouse solutions and through our consulting services we’ve found often that clients operate forklifts that have the functionality more than what their business requires. Depending on our client’s needs, to increase space efficiency and also save money on forklifts; we recommend to our clients the Narrow and Very Narrow aisle forklift options instead of a Standard sized forklifts. The Narrow Aisle Forklift can save as much as 24 inches on aisle space.

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