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Material Handling Innovation

  • August 23, 2016

ASK yourself this question: Do you track specific truck and driver utilization?

With data-driven productivity tools like Yale Vision, and Yale Vision with GPS, you can track key vehicle dynamics for unparalleled visibility into your fleet and driver performance.

You can extract actionable insights from lift truck telematics to improve efficiency and protect the bottom line.

This Free White Paper Download outlines the strategic advantage of working with small data insights to optimize fleet size and labor, and demonstrates the value of actionable lift truck intelligence in the overall productivity equation.

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Do You Have a PM Program?

Don’t Skimp on Maintenance: It’s the Law!

Safety is not just related to operator behavior. Maintenance plays a major role in creating a safer and more productive work environment. When something as common as an oil leak causes someone to slip, both downtime and lost productivity occur. By executing a periodic maintenance (PM) program, organizations are not only ensuring that each lift truck receives timely, thorough inspections, but are also helping to assure that equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

Often lift truck dealers and OEMs offer turnkey PM programs so that organizations can focus on their core competencies, rather than equipment maintenance. And the financial impact of a program that does not include PM can be huge, because it’s the law. OSHA requires daily maintenance checks on lift trucks, and failure to meet regulatory requirements can result in violation fines, sometimes as much as $70,000 for a repeat or willful violation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when a lift truck is temporarily unavailable due to PM or another issue, it is important not to fill the gap with just any truck. This can put the operator and others at risk by using a piece of equipment that isn’t designed for the specific task. A turnkey PM program can ensure that an operation has the correctly configured backup trucks available.



The engineering, craftsmanship and durability of our walkie pallet truck simply beats the Toyota 8HBW23. We offer a huge selection of standard features and options that Toyota just doesn’t.

  • Lithium-ion battery – we are the first in the lift truck industry to offer this technology
  • Exclusive Yale Smart Lift™ and Yale Smart Slow Down™ – customers can’t get this from Toyota
  • 25° greater handle operating range – we can accommodate a wider range of operator statures than Toyota

Plain and simple, we lead the competition:

  • 11% more productive when unloading trailers.
  • 7% less energy use
  • 21% less hold down force
  • 2X thicker bushings

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