Mariotti Compact Forklift

Mariotti Forklift

Mariotti is the premier compact, electric three wheel forklifts.  Since 1920 V.Mariotti has engineered more than 20 different compact Mariotti forklift models with capacities from 750 lbs. to 2300 lbs. These small, cutting edge forklifts are ideal for applications under 2000 pounds.  Available in the Mycros and ME lines, these trucks have been known to operate in small quarters and fit through narrow doorways.


See how these companies used the V. Mariotti forklift to increase their production:


Mariotti ME AC Series

Mariotti Mycros AC Series


The ME design includes a small, innovative chassis, cutting edge electronics, specially designed mast, rear gearbox and hydraulic rack and pinion power steering. The results are the groundbreaking new Mariotti forklift ME AC Series of forklifts. Compact simplicity and quality describe the ME. The unique ME design rewards the user with trouble-free maintenance, ease of handling, long lasting performance and low operating costs. The ME AC Series offers quality and technology.

Masts are available in standard, duplex and triplex confi gurations from 114 in up to 224 in height. Trucks come standard with integrated side shift, adjustable steering wheel, regenerative braking, amber strobe light, back-up alarm, horn, emergency power disconnect, power steering, battery discharge indicator, fully adjustable seat and operator restraint.

MYCROS AC 4C & 6C forklift have many unique features and are able to work in tight places where no other forklift can operate. Standard features include: power steering, integrated side shift, AC traction motor, electronic lifting control and hydraulic brakes. Seat and controls location are designed for operator’s maximum comfort.  MYCROS AC 6C features a 24V, 375Ah battery to achieve optimum run time. The gearbox and the rack & pinion power steering system are exclusive designs.

Capacities: 1500 – 2100 lb. (depending on mast selection and model) Capacities: 4C: 750 lbs./6C: 1100 lbs.



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