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LORON, Inc. has provided quality forklift Loron attachments since 1990 when Ron and Lois Brudi, founders of Brudi Equipment, and a small group of experienced designers and technicians formed a new company dedicated to manufacturing the best push pulls in the industry. Success with that attachment led to an expanded product line and continued growth in the ensuing years. Many of the staff both in the office and in the shop, have long histories within the industry. Current products include a wide range of dedicated and fork-mounted push pulls, sheet retaining push pulls and load pushers. Innovative designs such as the inexpensive carriage-mounted pusher that utilizes existing truck forks and the Warrior low-profile series of push pulls and pushers continue to challenge the creative abilities of our competitors. A complete line of clamps, fork positioners, rotators and load stabilizers are complemented by specialized, custom-designed equipment to provide attachments suitable for a wide range of applications. A new single double pallet handler introduced in the summer of 2001 has proven to be popular in both warehouse and agricultural environments. Developed over a two-year period from lessons learned with conventional-style single double pallet handlers and with the input of key customers, the L55C Series single double pallet handler sets new standards for the industry. With changing economic conditions, the ability to handle products and goods efficiently and economically is of ever increasing importance. At LORON, we are dedicated to providing the equipment necessary to keep material handling costs low. Our designers and craftsmen strive to deliver the best Loron attachments available on the market today.



Below are Loron Attachments, Specs, and Brochures

Appliance Clamp



Carton Clamp

Brochure |  Specifications


Gaylord Clamp



Push Bin Loader



Bale Clamp

Brochure |  Specs Regular | Specs Extended 

Single Double



Mark 55 Dedicated Push Pull



Fork Mount Push Pull

Brochure |  Specifications


Dedicated Push Pull

Brochure |  Specifications

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