Lithium-Ion Power Solutions

As speed and efficiency become even more critical, achieving cost-effective, round-the-clock productivity has become a very real challenge.

How does a power solution built for superior productivity, charging flexibility, no maintenance and smart sustainability sound? Available on the Yale® MPB045-VG pallet truck, the first UL-recognized lithium-ion battery in the lift truck industry can help you:

  • Reduce costly battery replacements and maintenance
  • Increase productivity with fast opportunity charging
  • Avoid downtime with one-, two- and three-pack battery options specifically designed for materials handling
  • Eliminate emissions
  • Achieve improved maneuverability with smaller 6″ battery compartment
  • Realize substantial cost savings

Save over 80% on lift truck battery costs

You have a choice. Over a 5-year period, you can replace about four lead acid battery packs and maintain them regularly, or install a maintenance-free lithium-ion battery pack and save over 80% on lift truck battery costs.

And when it comes time to dispose of worn out batteries, you have to dispose of 20 or more lead acid batteries over the life of just one lithium-ion battery pack, that’s a lot less recycling waste.

Charge anywhere, anytime – Faster than ever

Choose lithium-ion batteries and you can charge in-transit on the trailer or at the delivery site, spending more time working and less time charging. And with TAP™, Yale’s trailer auxiliary power system, opportunity charging is easy and risk free. The system signals if the tractor trailer has sufficient input voltage for opportunity charging, protecting batteries and enabling increased productivity.

The FIRST lithium-ion battery designed for materials handling

Don’t be fooled by UL-recognitions for unrelated industries. Yale is the first company to offer a lithium-ion battery pack recognized under the UL 583 safety standard for electric battery powered industrial trucks – the only safety standard recognized by the Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation for use in materials handling equipment.

Want a warranty you can trust?

Rest easy knowing that your lithium-ion battery comes with a warranty you can trust and the support of Yale’s extensive dealer network.

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