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Forklift Fleet Management System

Powerbox by I.D.Systems

I.D. Systems’ wireless solutions secure, track and manage mobile assets for a wide variety of industries and enterprises.  They help major corporations achieve improved productivity & profitability, enhanced service offerings,increased security & safety, and reduced operating costs.  I.D. Systems has designed a full industrial and forklift fleet management system for industrial fleets of forklifts, trucks, and airport ground support vehicles in over 35,000 fleets.


The Powerbox is a Wireless Vehicle Management System (VMS)

  • Meeting Safety/Training regulations
  • Controlling Damage caused by and to vehicles
  • Managing vehicle safety inspections
  • Controlling preventative maintenance
  • Fleet Optimization/”Right-Sizing”
  •  Solutions: 
  • Automatic Access Control
  • Automatic Impact Management
  • Automatic Electronic Checklists
  • Automatic PM Control Tools
  • Automatic Utilization Reporting
  • Many more solutions…
  • Forklift fleet management functionality features:

    MAINTENANCE – Reduce Costs, Increase Uptime
    • Real time notification of critical vehicle issues, remote lock out/tag out of unsafe vehicles
    • Measure actual vehicle use instead of hour meter or calendar time to reduce PM costs
    • Schedule maintenance work orders by reviewing problems across the fleet
    ADVANCED PRODUCTIVITY – Do More with Existing Resources
    • Gain new insight into vehicle use and operator productivity.
    • Integrates with vehicle lift system to capture how often operators are productively moving material vs. deadheading
    • Comprehensive productivity reports to identify and quantify opportunities for deeper fleet optimization, labor
    management and cost reductions
    VISIBILITY – Find Any Vehicle, Any Time, Indoors and Outside
    • As unplanned tasks arise, quickly find an operator to assign; put unassigned vehicles to work
    • Use historical playback to review routes and work patterns
    • Create zones that certain vehicles are not allowed to enter or leave
    TEXT MESSAGING – Real-Time Communication with Your Forklift Fleet Management
    • Send messages anytime to individual operators, groups or fleet-wide
    • As unplanned tasks arise, quickly send requests to operators to complete them
    • Drivers see a flashing message button and must pull over safely to view message
    ADVANCED SAFETY – Safety Notification when Unsafe Situations Occur
    • Strobe or horn indicators alert operators immediately when an unsafe event is occurring
    • Track vehicles exceeding your speed threshold, with automated onboard warnings
    • Management alerts create accountability; reports summarize over-speeding events and other unsafe activities
    BATTERY MANAGEMENT – Optimized Battery Swap Management
    • Extends the life of batteries
    • Track which batteries are on which vehicles, frequency of swap and general health
    • Operator receives low battery warning, requests battery and receives automated message on
    which battery to retrieve
    ADVANCEDWORKFLOW– Continuous Improvement & Process Optimization
    • Improve your operations by measuring your material handling vehicles as closely as your production line
    • Opti-Kan® (optimized electronic kanban) automates the request and execution of tasks. Floor operators can
    request necessary resources just-in-time with intelligent two-way messaging with vehicle operators.
    • Validate or fine-tune the IE standards that drive your labor planning

    How does a forklift fleet management system work?

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