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Maintenance on Your Electric Forklift Batteries

Electric forklift batteries are an important part of your truck; these batteries are not the kind that you put in your TV remote control.  Aside from charging your forklift battery, to prolong the useful life of your battery and increase your return on investment, proper and regular battery maintenance is required.  The average battery is quite expensive and any inefficiency could cost your business valuable operating time. The modern forklift battery outputs a minimum of 1,500 charge cycles or more, which if your business consistently charges equates to five or more years of useful life.

  • To prevent your battery from exploding: when attaching and removing cables follow the recommendations of the recharger manufacturer by unplugging the charger before use and connecting the clamps with the proper polarity.
  • Charge your forklift battery in a ventilated area and if the battery has sealed vents, charge the battery with a current lower than 25 amps.  If your battery overheats or electrolytes spill out from the vent, turn off the charger and resume using a lower current or charge rate.
  • In addition to being well ventilated, the charging station should be equipped with a fire extinguisher, acid spill kit, and eye wash station.  When you are refilling water levels or cleaning (Read the full article)

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