Forklift Attachments

Yale/Chase distributes Loron and Cascade forklift attachments

There are thousands of functions for your forklift that are made possible because of forklift attachments.  Adding a forklift attachment custom to your businesses application can greatly increase your businesses efficiency, the attachments distributed by Yale/Chase are two of the top manufactures in attachments.  You can find a wide variety everything from Single-Double forklift attachments to carton clamps Loron, Cascade, and Rightline have an attachment to fit your needs!

Bolzoni Auramo





Forklift attachments


Yale/Chase currently carries an assortment of New and Used forklift attachments including forks, clamps, and side shifters.  Fill out a contact sheet or give us a call at 562-463-8000, and if we don’t have it in stock or you need a custom ordered attachment to fit your application we’ll hunt one down for you!


Picking a Forklift Attachment

How many different attachments are there for my forklift? There’s no real answer.  The hundreds of forklift attachment manufacturers are constantly creating custom attachments for thousands of different uses.   For your business how can you find which forklift will suit your businesses needs and greatly increase your efficiency?

First, ask yourself what your business is and what are you trying to accomplish with your forklift?  Some of the most unique items are being lifted today.  There are attachments for tires, paper rolls, refrigerators to name some.  There are lifts for weighing, picking up, and rotating.  The following are just some of the categories of attachments manufactured by the leading attachment manufacturers:  fork positioners, clamps, rotators, push/pulls, pickers, multiple load handlers, and side shifters…Read the rest of the blog post…

forklift attachments

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