Fleet Management

Fleet Management

fleet-managment-logoFocusing on core business…improving operational efficiency…eliminating repair and maintenance worries…saving money.

Those are just some of the reasons that some of the world’s largest and most demanding manufacturing, distribution and logistics companies outsource their fleet operations to Yale Chase Fleet Management.

Few things can seem less clear than your materials handling picture. Purchase price, financing, repairs, downtime, maintenance, operator training, administration, retiring aging equipment – and much more – contribute to a complex, ever-changing and potentially profit-draining operation. Yale Chase Fleet Management can help bring it all into focus.

With over 22 years of materials handling know-how, more than a decade of fleet management wisdom and a dealer network averaging over 27 years of industry experience, Yale Fleet Management guarantees we can save you money right away with the Yale Chase Fleet Challenge. Then, we’ll create efficiencies and cost savings that you’ll see month after month, year after year.

Ready to turn your materials handling operations over to a pro? Go with the market leader.

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Fleet Energy Solutions


Fleet Online – Yale/Chase is So Cal’s exclusive distributor for Speed Shield and fleet online products. These products are designed to help schedule your equipment maintenance needs based on true working time rather than clock hours. These units can also shut down an LPG lift left unattended to save fuel and instantly report via email to a supervisor if there is an impact. We can also manage speed control. The technology of these next generation onboard communication devcies clears a new path for knowing, in realtime, specific operating details of your equipment. Yale/Chase is confident that we can provide the energy solutions in California you and your company need.

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