Fast and Standard Forklift Battery Chargers

Looking for a forklift battery charger (Fast and Standard)

What’s the difference between a Fast and a Standard Forklift Battery Charger?

The Fast Forklift battery charger is a popular tool among many businesses operating small to large fleets of electric forklifts.  The fast forklift battery charger technology today provides the ability to charge at times when your forklift is idle (breaks, lunch, and shift changes), Standard forklift batteries are still widely used but require separate stations for charging the battery… (CLICK HERE TO READ FURTHER)

Yale/Chase is a distributor of Advanced Charging Technology and Enersys chargers.  These manufacturers are industry leading forklift chargers and are high quality options for your operation.

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A.C.T. Chargers

Enersys Chargers

Both A.C.T and Enersys provide Fast charging/opportunity chargers, many businesses have transitioned to the Fast Chargers because of the increase in efficiency and lower long term cost.

 If you would like a quote of a forklift battery charger please fill out a contact form or call us at (562)463-8000. 

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