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Enersys Batteries, Chargers, and Express Chargers

The EnerSys Batteries product line will open the door to a whole new world of opportunities for all electric lift truck using facilities in the terms of productivity gains, extended battery life and reduced energy consumption/cost. Our HUP (High Utilization Positive) flat plate line with 40% more warranty can handle your medium duty applications at an affordable cost. Our Ironclad Square tubular batteries deliver an array of capacities designed to handle your heaviest applications. The higher capacity tubular batteries will keep your operators on the lifts longer, by as much as 20%, increasing their overall productivity while at the same time reducing battery change costs! The EnerSys Emerging technologies department will work on strategies to reduce your company’s energy consumption. We accomplish this in a variety of ways. One way is to convert older inefficient chargers to the high efficiency Enforcer HF Ionic chargers which can reduce your energy consumption/cost by as much as 20%. Another way is to perform an analysis of the operation to insure the right number of batteries to trucks is in place and that you have the correct battery for the application. We also use the data to determine if it would be possible to load shift the charging of the batteries to less expensive off peak times. The end result would be reduced energy consumption/costs as well as a reduced carbon footprint for your company. We also have at our disposal battery management tools that are designed to smart charge, smart select, smart size and smart manage your battery fleet. Our comprehensive program can monitor the battery charging at all of your locations and provide intelligent, actionable information as to the status of each facilities battery/charger fleet. Smart charging is just the beginning, predicting end of battery life is fast becoming a reality. We are currently piloting programs that will provide the necessary data for you to make decisions on when to retire a battery. This will allow you to budget Enersys batteries replacements based on real data and not guesswork. EnerSys is the only battery manufacturer to offer a complete line of chargers including the following technologies: Ferroresonant, SCR (silicon controlled rectifier), Opportunity, High Frequency, and Fast Charge. Fast charging is a Zero Battery Change solution and EnerSys is the only company that manufactures a battery specifically designed for fast charging, called the Express® battery.

If you’re interested in more information about Enersys Batteries and products, give us a call at 562.895.3771 or fill out a contact form!

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