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Yale Electric Pallet Jack

The Yale Electric Pallet Jack is designed for performance and value.

Need value and performance out of your hand truck? Look no further than Yale’s line of ergonomically designed hand trucks. Whether you need a rider, a walker or even a walkie reach truck, Yale has your needs covered.Yale designs and builds a wide range of pallet, platform, stackers, walkie/rider and tractor trucks for specific applications and industries. All Yale designed and manufactured drive motors are application proven for efficiency, performance and reliability. All electric pallet jack components are engineered for outstanding performance and extended, low maintenance life. The easy-to-use handle, designed with advanced ergonomics, contributes to exceptional operator comfort and result in greater productivity. The Yale motorized hand truck has engineering excellence and outstanding quality.


Brochure |  Specifications


Brochure |  Specifications

    MPW050, 060, 065 -080E

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Brochure |  Specifications

MPEVG    MPE060-080VG

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Brochure  Specs






Brochure Specifications



Brochure |  Specifications


Brochure |  Specs






Brochure  Specs



Brochure | Specifications

When it comes to the electric pallet jack, you’ll find Yale leads the way with over 80 years of experience. In fact, with top-of-the-line components, superior ergonomics and exceptional maneuverability, Yale motorized hand trucks are the industry sales leader. Both the MPB040-E and MPW050-E can easily turn in a trailer and maneuver through high-density areas or retail aisles. The standard creep speed button allows the truck to be operated at limited speeds with the handle in the FULL UP position, providing additional maneuverability.

Additional Features & Benefits
✓ The UL listed traction motor with premium brushes and Class H
insulation provides maximum thermal protection.
✓ The maintenance free steer bearings are sealed within the
gearbox housing and lubricated by the gear oil.
✓ The stationary traction motor eliminates power cable tension
and flex.
✓ The drive axle string guard minimizes axle seal damage from
shrink-wrap, banding, etc.
✓ The electronically released, mechanically applied brake is
mounted on the top of the traction motor for ease of inspection
and maintenance.
✓ The high performance hydraulic system is designed for high
cycle, multi-shift operations.
✓ The series wound hydraulic motor provides high torque
and is easily serviced.
✓ The translucent tank provides quick and easy inspection of
hydraulic oil level.
✓ “Knock-out” load wheel axle design provides for quick and
easy maintenance.
✓ The drive tire wheel can be easily removed with 5 bolts.

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