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Effective Forklift Fleet Management

  • January 7, 2013

Forklift Management

Operating a lift truck fleet is a reality of your business, but managing a lift truck fleet in addition to focusing on your core business responsibilities can get complicated. Trying to keep tabs on service schedules is tough enough; when you add in the varying degrees of usage per unit, multiple facilities in different locations, and the possibility of having several service providers and part suppliers, it gets even trickier.

When lift truck fleets are not properly maintained or utilized efficiently, downtime increases, productivity is reduced and you may end up spending money when you should be making money. The challenge of properly maintaining your fleet can be resolved through an effective forklift management program. Forklift management programs help navigate hidden opportunities to reduce your materials handling spending. As you are confronted with some of the most difficult economic hurdles in decades, the need to shed cost for sustainability is a must if you are to emerge these economic times leaner, stronger and poised to take advantage of economic recovery. A strong forklift management program is essential to maximizing uptime and productivity and ultimately saving money over the long term.

Key Elements of True Forklift Management

Many individuals do not have enough time in the day to identify and implement cost compression techniques. With a best-in-class forklift management program, fleet users can fully realize the benefits of a productive materials handling operation at the lowest possible cost. No two materials handling operations are alike. That’s why it takes a forklift management solution that is both flexible and customizable to deliver bottom line results.

Few things can seem less clear than your materials handling picture. Purchase price, financing, repairs, downtime, maintenance, operator training, administration, retiring aging equipment are just a few of the things that contribute to a complex, ever-changing and potentially profit-draining operation. A quality forklift management solution is comprised of a number of key elements and includes a broad range of tool sets and capabilities. A forklift management program can create efficiencies and cost savings for your company. A forklift management program can help bring it all into focus and resolve issues such as:

Understanding the total cost of ownership: Sometimes purchasing the lift truck is the cheapest part.

Underutilized or excess equipment: Comprehensive fleet and facility analysis determines optimum fleet size and best use of each unit.

High operating costs: Outsourced maintenance programs and parts consignment programs offer cost effective solutions for immediate and long-term fleet expense reduction.

Specification/configuration inconsistencies: Fleet surveys identify opportunities for commonality of specifications and configurations to provide flexibility for fleet rotation and relocation.

Aged fleets: Planned replacement programs keep lift truck fleets operating within the optimum economic life cycle. – Low productivity: Maintenance programs and planned replacement strategies maintain fleet productivity and reduce downtime.

Mix of makes and models; range of service plans and providers: A single source solution for service and parts, no matter the make or model of lift truck.

Short-term rentals used to supplement fleets long term: Improved equipment uptime helps reduce the need for short-term rentals; competitive leasing programs can help address acquisition issues.


Total Cost of Ownership from Forklift Management 

You cannot measure or monitor fleet savings without understanding your operating costs. If you can’t determine your fleet operating costs then it becomes very difficult to control them. Through web-based forklift management systems, customers have access to the same detailed data that we rely on to make intelligent materials handling recommendations. I.D. Systems offers a web-based reporting system that allows managers to monitor and measure truck utilization, cost per hour and total fleet operating costs. The system can even go as far as assisting in identifying costs such as tire expense and avoidable damage repairs. Customers may also view and download maintenance costs by serial number, equipment type and by equipment location. If you’re interested in I.D. System’s Forklift Management Software, fill out a contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible!

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