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Forklift Review: ERP080-100VM

  • June 18, 2013

Forklift Review: ERP080-100VM Electric Counterbalance forklift

Yale has just released the new class I ERP-VM series. ERP Stands for Electric, Rider truck, with Pneumatic style tires, and with capacities of 8,000, 9,000, and 10,000 pounds, this electric truck was engineered to provide an alternative to large forklifts in classes 4 and 5 powered by internal combustion engines. This series combines class-leading power in machines that are environmentally friendly.  This year’s release of the pneumatic style ERP-VM model adds yet another option to Yale’s line of indoor high-powered electric riders, complementing Yale’s ERC080-120VH series released in late 2012.  Both electric trucks have capacities of 8,000+ pounds and come standard with “Zero Emissions” to meet most state emission requirements.  Below is an overview of the new ERP-VM

Comparable Counterbalance Forklift:

Yale GP80-100VX

Industry Applications: Designed with the ability to work safely indoors allows for an increase in efficiency for indoor applications being able to handle larger capacities. Some possible applications include: Automotive, Heavy Manufacturing, Lumber, Docks, Utilities, Wholesale/Distribution, Durables, Industrial & Construction, Paper, and Government.

Pros: Battery Powered counterbalance forklift– Running on industrial batteries gives these trucks the ability to operate cleanly and much more quietly indoors, and with far less heat generated. This provides a better environment for both operators and employees.  The maintenance costs are also much lower than those of internal combustion trucks with hundreds of moving parts. Plus, reduced energy consumption and zero emissions means more cost effectiveness with less of an impact on our environment!

Improved Handling – Yale’s innovative “Zero Turn Radius” steer axle, dual AC drive motors, and larger Pneumatic style tires form the new “Drop battery box” design, offering the operator more control in narrow aisles and congested environments.  Equipped with Yale’s Hi-Vis™ Mast the operator has excellent visibility and enjoys industry leading lift and lower speeds.

Operator comfort and Ergonomics – With the operator in mind, the engineers designed the ERP-VM with several standard and optional features to improve comfort ability, minimizing operator fatigue, and increasing productivity. The lower “drop battery box” and 3-point entry design reduces the required effort an operator needs to exert for entry and exit of the counterbalance forklift truck.  Some other optional features include: AccuTouch arm rest mini-levers, the thickest floor mats in the industry and full suspension seats to minimize vibrations to the operator.

Simplistic serviceability – With fewer serviceable parts than comparable ICE trucks and a 500-hour service interval, the ERP-VM provides reduced maintenance requirements. The truck’s extensive onboard diagnostics allows Yale certified technicians to quickly and easily troubleshoot issues utilizing a PC service tool connected to the steering column mounted diagnostic port. When maintenance is required, removable floor and side plates provide simplified access to serviceable components.

By utilizing AC traction and hydraulic motors in the Yale® ERP080-100VM, brushes and associated maintenance are eliminated. The truck’s CANbus technology reduces wiring and connections, resulting in improved system reliability, while the O-ring face seal fittings reduce hydraulic leaks and the Deutsch-style, double-sealed electrical connectors decrease the possibility of contamination from moisture and dirt. The trucks oil-cooled, wet disc brakes provide a virtually maintenance-free braking system, and the standard automatic park brake eliminates the maintenance and adjustments required of a manual park brake system.

Counterbalance Forklift

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