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Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachment and forks. With manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its wide network of branches and independent dealers covering all continents, they offer the widest range of lift truck attachments which stand out for high performance, quality and reliability features.  Bolzoni was founded in 1945 and two years later acquired Auramo OY, the two companies merged in 2001 and became the Bolzoni Auramo Group.  Thanks to continuous focus on discovering new innovative solutions and to the close co-operation with the customers, Bolzoni Auramo has built up an experience in understanding their particular industrial processes and providing customized products and services.



Below are Bolzoni Auramo attachments, Specs, and Brochures

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Parallel ClampsParallel ClampMore Information here Multi-Pallet Handlers
Single Double forklift attachmentMore Information here
Fork Positioners & Side Shifters Side Shifting forklift attachmentMore Information here
Carton ClampsCarton Clamp forklift attachmentMore Information here RotatorsForklift attachment rotatorMore Information here  Push/PullsPush Pull forklift attachmentMore Information here
Paper Roll ClampsPaper Roll Clamp forklift attachmentMore Information here Pulp Bale and Wastepaper Bale ClampsBolzoni Auramo ClampMore Information here Specialized Productstilting and tilting rotatingMore Information here

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